We're Bob & Peggy.

We would like to welcome you to Majestic U-Brew and Wine.

We are located in Athalmer across the street from the Dairy Queen and are open from 10 AM to 5 PM Tuesday - Saturday.

Come on in for a wine tour and a visit to see how easy it is to produce your own high-end spirits.



- Walk into the store

- Pick out what type of Wine, Beer, Coolers, Ciders, Ice Wine or Ports you like

- We set it up in (23-30 Bottle) batches - it takes 6 minutes a batch (you get to watch)

- You put the yeast in

- Come back at your convenience and we show you how to bottle your product



- Help you decide what you need

- Follow your product through to completion

- Filter it ready to bottle

- Show you how to create a very exquisite spirit


We are located in Althalmer across the street from the Dairy Queen.

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A therapeutic drive from Alberta!


Cheers !

Phone: 250-342-0059